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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Conversations with IRiS

Welcome to “Conversations with Iris”, a podcast series on migration, displacement and (im)mobility produced by the Institute for Research into Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham. In our Conversations we dialogue with researchers, teachers, writers, migrants, refugees, activists, community organisers, artists and policy makers on issues related to migration and diversity in the (post)Covid world.

The series is also available as Zoomcast on and IRiS YouTube channel

All Episodes

23 Mar 2024
Exploitable by design: migrant workers in the UK immigration system
12 Feb 2024
Migrant labour rights within/between UK, East and Southeast Asia – with Mariko Hayashi (S4 E4)
22 May 2023
Connected people: migration, social difference and colonial legacies - with Angelo Martins Junior (S4 E3)
28 Mar 2023
Temporalities of forced immobility – with Inka Stock
25 Jan 2023
Encountering Migration: Worlds Within and Worlds Without – with Michael Jackson
7 Nov 2022
Collaborating with research assistants in Afghanistan – In conversation with Meena Sadr and Hannah Pool
12 Jul 2022
Queer resistance and solidarity in wartime Ukraine – In conversation with Zhenya Tramvay Yevhen Trachuk
24 Jun 2022
Brexit and the practice of citizenship – In conversation with Djordje Sredanovic
11 Feb 2022
The Ethics of Exile: In conversation with Ashwini Vasanthakumar
23 Jan 2022
Visual Methodologies in Migration Studies: In conversation with Karolina Nikielska-Sekula and Dr Amandine Desille
16 Dec 2021
Climate diplomacy and international migration - In conversation with Sarah Louise Nash
1 Dec 2021
Citizenship and belonging: Generation 2.0 in Greece
10 Oct 2021
Indigenous migration in Mexico, Guatemala and the USA - in conversation with Valentina Glockner and Walter G. Flores
9 Sep 2021
Migration governance beyond the state – In conversation with Andrew Geddes
30 Jun 2021
Tech at the border – In conversation with Millie Graham Wood
22 Jun 2021
LGBTIQ people seeking asylum in the UK in times of COVID-19 – In conversation with Laurie Hartley
11 Jun 2021
The New Plan for Immigration in the UK: Asylum under threat – In conversation with Zoe Gardner
26 Jan 2021
Racism in healthcare – In conversation with Sarah Hamed & Suruchi Thapar-Bjorker
19 Jan 2021
The impact of COVID-19 on LGBTIQ people in Europe and Central Asia – In conversation with Akram Kubanychbekov & Cianán Russell
19 Nov 2020
Political demography, Brexit and the borders of membership – In conversation with Adrian Favell
5 Nov 2020
Migrant caravans in Central America: violence, borders & COVID-19 – In conversation with Brenda Ochoa
26 Oct 2020
Racism, migration and the US election – In conversation with Chip Gallagher