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Rebordering Britain & Britons after Brexit

Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit is an innovative research project exploring the long-term impacts of Brexit on migration between the EU and UK to uncover what this reveals about Britain’s migration story and future.

20 September 2023
Join us for the International Symposium 'Migration, coloniality and belonging in ‘Global Britain’
Want to think critically at how Britain reimagined itself and its political community, politics and hierarchies of belonging after Brexit? Join us in Birmingham on Friday 17 November 2023 for the day-long International Symposium 'Migration, coloniality and belonging in "Global Britain"'!
BrexitReborderingBritishnessBritish citizensbelongingEU citizenscolonialismcitizenshipmigration policy
19 September 2023
New article published in Sociology: Brexit Rebordering, Sticky Relationships, and the Production of Mixed-Status Families
Brexitmixed-status familiesfamily migrationFreedom of movementEU citizenship
15 September 2023
Why does diplomacy matter in thinking about migration after Brexit?
Understandings of migration policy are often framed through the eyes of receiving states and their domestic politics. But what role do foreign policy and geopolitics play? Plus: what does Britain’s approach to irregular migration tell us about its current diplomatic weight and levers? Find out more in the latest episode of our podcast collaboration with Who do we think we are?
BordersBrexitmigration diplomacyimmigration controlRwanda PlanUkrainiansHongkongersInternational Relations
13 September 2023
The normalization of state violence against migrants and refugees: comment piece in El Pais
State violence against migrants and refugees has become normalised in Europe, Nando Sigona writes in a comment piece for Spanish newspaper El Pais
asylumBordershostile environmentEuropeborder controlstate violence